Our Vision

The BRANDT Foundation seeks to provide meaningful assistance through innovative and measurable change in its communities to create a more sustainable world through philanthropy.

The Foundation provides a strategic structure for charitable giving from the company, the employees and the founding family to impact the future of agriculture.


The BRANDT Foundation was established to help organize the giving of BRANDT Consolidated, its employees, and the family founders.

Funding Priorities
Education Related to Agriculture

Priorities include support for career development in agriculture and agriculture education programs. This would include organizations like the National FFA and the 4-H and college scholarship programs for agriculture students. Exclusions: direct support for individuals

Agriculture and Farming

Priorities include support of charitable Ag organizations seeking to help in the production of food, fuel and fiber and to generally advance agriculture.

Health & Human Services

Priorities include charitable organizations focused on innovative approaches to solving the challenges of poverty and food security. Exclusions: general operating and capital support for hospitals

Geographic target areas
Grants are given in states where BRANDT has facilities, including Illinois, Florida and California.
Types of Support
  • Capital Support
  • Operating Support
  • Program Support
  • Project Support
Eligibility Requirements

The BRANDT Foundation Board of Directors will consider qualified letters of inquiry received from organizations that are exempt from taxation under the Internal Revenue Code Section 501 (c)(3) and have been incorporated for at least 3 years. If you are a 509 (a)(3) Supporting Organization, please be prepared to provide additional information. Grants are not made directly to individuals.


Grant requests are reviewed through a two stage process.


An organization may submit an on-line letter of inquiry via email to foundation@brandt.co. Please limit the Letter of Inquiry (LOI) to one page. The LOI should include a brief background about the organization, and a specific request amount and purpose of funds requested. Please attach the organization’s tax determination letter from the IRS and a budget for the program or project to be funded. If you are requesting general operating support, please attach a copy of the organization’s operating budget.


Subsequently, the Foundation may ask for a formal grant proposal from LOIs that are a good fit with the mission of the Foundation. Formal grant applications shall be submitted through the link on the Application page. The completed application will be discussed by the Directors for funding consideration during one of the semi-annual proposal reviews.

In the application, you will be asked to supply information about your organization, key leadership, details about your grant request, impact you expect the grant to have on your organization or community, timeline for the request and how you will measure success.

Please note that the online application requires the following attachments:

  • Current year's operating budget
  • List of Board Members
  • Program or Project Budget (if applicable)

Grant Cycle and Deadline Information

The Foundation’s Directors meet semi-annually in the summer and winter. The deadline information for each stage of the application process is as follows.


Letters of Inquiry: For the summer funding meeting, please submit any letters of inquiry by July 1. For the winter meeting, submit by December 1. Letters of inquiry will be reviewed for fit with the Foundation's mission. Select organizations will be invited to submit a full proposal.


Applications (by Invitation Only) – If you receive an invitation to apply, the application deadline will be included in that letter. The full proposal will be reviewed by the board at semi-annual meetings in July and December.

Grant Range

The average grant size is between $1,000 and $10,000.

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