With the help of a grant from The BRANDT Foundation, the Illinois Amish Heritage Center has completed the development of The BRANDT Foundation Garden, an original replica of the garden that once stood in front of the 1865 Moses Yoder House.

The 1865 Moses Yoder House, located in Arthur, Illinois, is the oldest Amish House in the state. The Illinois Amish Heritage Center has been diligently working over the past several years to restore the Yoder House to its original condition, including the garden in the front yard of the house. In addition to looking as it did in 1865, the BRANDT Foundation Garden is also being maintained using traditional Amish practices by a local Amish couple, and will feature heritage vegetable, corn and flower varieties. Students from surrounding elementary schools will be able to visit the garden for hands-on engagement with gardening. Various gardening programs will also be offered by local 4-H members throughout the year.

The BRANDT Foundation is pleased to be able to support the Illinois Amish Heritage Center’s efforts. To learn more about the Illinois Amish Heritage Center, visit https://www.illinoisamish.org/