Springfield, Illinois (22 August 2016) – The BRANDT Foundation awarded three grants to charitable organizations at its regularly-scheduled August meeting.

The August 2016 grantees, all 501(c)3 organizations in good standing for the past three years, include:

  • The Central Illinois Foodbank, Inc.
  • The Hope Institute for Children & Families
  • The Growing Together program at the Pleasant Hill Village of Girard, IL

“We’ve funded some interesting projects this session,” said Rick Brandt, President & CEO of BRANDT. “For example, the project for the Hope Institute is to help them raise their garden beds to a higher level to be more accessible for wheelchair-bound youth. Think about that. That little project will open up a whole new understanding of food production to kids who were otherwise shut out.”

The other grants also have an agriculture connection. The Central Illinois Foodbank will use its grant to establish mobile food distribution centers in parking lots in rural areas. Pleasant Hill Village will use the grant to improve the equipment used in its garden so that more residents can participate in food production.

The mission of The BRANDT Foundation is “to provide meaningful assistance and support to the communities, farms and families where BRANDT has facilities.”

The BRANDT Foundation is a private foundation, funded through donations from BRANDT, Inc. and BRANDT employees.